Sworn Enemy Singled Out Week: Never Forget

Sworn Enemy kick off their No Mercy No Surrender Tour this week and to celebrate we asked the band to tell us about some of the songs fans may hear on the tour. Today Jeff Cummings (Guitar) tells us about "Never Forget" from their 2014 album "Living on Borrowed Time". Here is the story:

I came into Sworn Enemy in 2010 after the band had just released their previous record " Total World Domination" in the summer of 2009. We started talking about writing new music in mid 2011 when the band had a few member changes and wanted to have something that stood up to the previous works of the band. After having written 5 songs that we had considered to release as an EP we decided to add an additional 6 songs to round out a full length record. I had been working on a song that didn't have a title at the time that I thought had all the hallmarks of a Sworn Enemy song. I brought the riffs to the band and we all jammed them together and adjusted everything into the song that was put on the album "Living On Borrowed Time". When we had locked everything down riff and structure wise it didn't take Sal long to get lyrics down to it because he was there working on the song with us the whole time and it became a final song for the record with the title "Never Forget". The song tells a story about how we view life and that you have to take all the experiences that you are given and turn it into what you want and never forget the things that have made you into the person that you are today.

We have been playing this song in the set steadily since we released the record in May of 2014 and it seems like it will become a mainstay in the set for time to come. Being a fan of the band before I began playing with them I have a lot of similar musical interests with everyone and it was important to me that we put out an album that stands up to the entire catalog that the band has put out since 1999.

Check out the tour dates right here!

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