Testament's More Than Halfway Done With The Songs For Next Album

Testament's Chuck Billy says in a new interview the veteran thrash group is "more than halfway done with the new songs" for the band's next studio album.

Billy spoke with CrypticRock.com about their current tour with Exodus and other topics. When asked about how the writing process was going for the next album he said:

"We are actually working on the new record so Eric and I have been doing a lot of the work ourselves. This tour will actually be the first tour where we are all together in one place for an extended period of time. This will be a chance to not only talk about the music and mess around with new ideas, I have been thinking that being on the road and playing all the songs from our beginning may allow us to channel those songs toward something new, be inspired, and get ourselves into the right mentality to work together as a unit.

"We are more than halfway done with the new songs, but we keep tweaking it. I think that when we all get together and play it, it will start molding into something workable, maybe even change a bit. Eric really does not write a lot of extra songs; he focuses on exactly what we need to work on for the record and they have to mesh together. We get started and get the work done. I think that is the beauty of our records. They are recognizable as Testament but they do not all sound the same. There is no rehashed material and it is good to keep it fresh with every new record." Read the full interview here.

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