Singled Out: Native Construct's Mute

Today progressive metal group Native Construct tells us about the song "Mute" from their brand new concept album "Quiet World", which was released this week by Metal Blade. Here is the story:

Since our new single is part of a concept album, I must first give a little backstory about the album itself. Quiet World is about a guy who loves a girl. The guy is a bit of an odd and eccentric person - an outcast. He's also a mute, and a little unstable, as it turns out. The girl doesn't return his feelings, but he can't bring himself to let go. As his unrequited passion for her devolves into obsession and eventual resentment, his mind begins to slip further and further away.

He convinces himself that he can't be loved because of his condition and abnormalities. So he decides to create for himself a new, fantastic world of which he has complete control - a world where there are no oddballs or outcasts. A world where everyone is surrounded by people who are just like themselves. A much quieter world.

It's at this point that the first track of the album (which also happens to be our new single), "Mute," begins. Throughout the course of this track, the main character fleshes out his plans and establishes his new world. And it turns out that many of the subjects of this new world are not as content living this way as he is.

In the second track of the album, we see a new character, the Archon, rise up and unite his people in the clouds with the once distant people in the sea. He leads an opposition to "Sinister Silence," as the people come to call him. The rest of the album unfolds with events within the Quiet World and manifestations of the enduring struggle between the Archon and Sinister Silence.

The lone exception is track number four, "Your Familiar Face," which steps out of this world for a moment to give a closer look at the events prior to the first track and the tragedy of Sinister Silence.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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