Singled Out: Annisokay's Carry Me Away

Today Dave Grunewald from Annisokay tells us about the making of the video for "Carry Me Away" the first single from their brand new album "Enigmatic Smile," which was released this week. Here is the story:

Like every other Annisokay video in the past, we decided to produce this one by ourselves too, so our guitarist and singer Christoph took the part of the director. It's by far our most elaborate and expensive video by now, cause it was shot on four totally different and far apart locations. The story of the video is pretty much connected to the lyrics of the song. Everyone has to part with a loved thing at least one time in life, so everyone has to learn how to let go and look ahead instead of being stuck to the past. If someone leaves you or even passes away, you're often scared to forget about him or kind of "hurt" him if you start to go on with your life and maybe get to know new people. The long road of letting go is often difficult to pass and is visualized in the video of "Carry Me Away" by showing the protagonist taking a long and dangerous travel. He is carrying a wooden, locked box with him, which contains all the past things and memories he's cling to. The box needs to be taken to a safe, far and unknown place, before he's finally able to leave it behind.

The shoot of this video really brought us to our physical limits. First fact: We shot this one in January in Germany. So as you could imagine, it wasn't really comfortable for our actor Michael to lay down in the cold water of the Baltic sea with all his cloth on. This is actually the first scene of the Carry Me Away video. As the shoot went on, the environment didn't get any friendlier. For the last scenes we travelled about 700 miles into the mountains of the alps onto a huge glacier. We wanted it to take place in a really dead, cold and dangerous looking location. So we took the way onto the top of a 3200 meter high mountain and started shooting at -15 degrees Celsius. Our actor still needed to wear those cloths he was wearing at the beginning. Just a jeans, a shirt and a thin jacket. At least we were able to change the shoes from sneakers to snowboard boots, as you weren't able to see his feet anyway in the 1 meter deep snow.

Another trick we used was putting him into a neoprene suite which at least psychologically help to keep him warm. However, when we shot this scene up there, we all nearly suffered from frostbite but the pictures we filmed were so amazing that it was totally worth it. Another crazy story that happened on there was the following.

One prop we use in the video was a little old lock which locked the old wooden box. However, the prop we used didn't really close at all. So in one take of our actor stepping through the snow, it just fell down and we didn't notice. A few minutes later we that the lock wasn't in its place anymore, and we know, it's probably gone forever, lying somewhere in the 1 meter deep snow. We didn't the last scenes of the video yet, where the lock is filmed in full frame, being opened and so on, and the video wouldn't make any sense with out those takes.

Four days of filming nearly became useless. For some weird reason, some official guy walked across our place and told us to be careful where we were standing. He told us that there are many very deep ice crevices one could not see beyond the snow. The funny part though was that he carried a snow shovel with him. I asked if I could use it just for a minute. While looking kinda confused, he gave me the shovel and I just stuck it into the snow in a random place to look out for the lock we lost. I knew it was senseless but for some crazy reason, the second time I stabbed the shovel into the snow I heard a little metallic bang. I grabbed into the snow and found the lock. All the mates of the film crew dropped their jaws, as this was as unbelievable as winning one million in the lottery. I passed the shovel back to the guy, and he was still pretty damn confused about what we just did there.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the video, watch for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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