Corey Taylor Shares His View Of Metallica's St. Anger

Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor spoke with Radio.com to promote his latest book, You're Making Me Hate You, and subject of his being a metal fan and Metallica came up.

When he was asked about older bands letting him down he responded, "What I've found with some of the bands I kind of grew up with listening to, with every new album you kinda go back and you appreciate the last album more. Like when [Metallica's] Load and Re-load came out, they made me appreciate 'The Black Album' [Metallica's self-titled 1991 album] even more."

The conversation then turned to Metallica's most controversial album "St. Anger." Taylor had this to say, "If that album had different production, it would've been completely different because the Special Edition that came out had the live DVD of them in the rehearsal playing the songs, with completely different production, and some of those songs were really good.

"I can't listen to the album, though, 'cause that snare drum sound…. sorry. Lars, I love you, but that snare is s-. But then they came back with Death Magnetic, which I love. I love that album. I've gotten in a lot of arguments with people who are like, 'That's not Metallica.' It's like: they're older now. You're not 17 anymore, either!"

He was then asked if it was difficult getting into younger bands and he said, "See, I'm on the other side of that because I get to see a lot of bands in their environment, live. Gallows is a perfect example of that. That Grey Britain album is so good. I mean it's rough, it's greasy, it's pissed off, the production is amazing, and they wear their English on their sleeve. They don't care, they're like, 'We're not trying to fit in and be kind of just mediocre so we can fit in with everybody. We're British, and we don't care.' And I love that; I love the attitude there."

That's only a small part of the extensive interview. Read it all here.

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