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Today Kyle Kelly and Lloyd Aur Norman from aave tell us about the song "Going Nowhere" from the post-rock group's brand new album "There's Nothing," which was released today (August 14th). Here is the story:

Kyle had this to say about the message: Whenever I go into the studio to write / record vocals it is either going to be extremely easy or agonizing. I decided a few years ago to stop writing lyrics before recording. I found that even in my own mind I was censoring myself or guarding something. If I wrote them on paper I would scratch them out and throw them away or delete off my computer. I discovered that the best way to get out what I wanted was to start singing stream of consciousness. If I allowed myself to feel it, I hoped that would bring out what I was trying to say. I was in and out of a relationship at the time that I was recording vocals for "Going Nowhere" and I remember questioning myself and wondering what was I doing. As I thought more on it I began getting angry. I didn't know if I was mad at her, myself, or if I was just frustrated because I knew the real answer. It was killing me and I wanted this feeling to die. "Going Nowhere" was my way of opening my own eyes to what was going on around me. It became clear and it all made sense. I was running in circles, we weren't moving forward, we were going nowhere.

Lloyd had this to say about the music: We as a band like to write what comes to us naturally. "Going Nowhere" is a great example of this. Kyle and I sat in a room and played guitar riffs back and forth for a few hours into an iPhone recorder. We came up with about 4-5 parts. We liked all the sections, and probably because of whatever mood we were in that day, they all seemed to vibe together. We put them into a loose arrangement and took them to our rhythm section, Parrish (bass) and Pete (drums). They worked together to create some interesting kick and bass grooves that really let the guitar stay minimal and loose. To finish the song we decided to take it in a completely different direction after the 2nd chorus and end with something dark. We wanted the song to be a gradual buildup where no part ever really repeats and it becomes a linear journey from point A to B with a couple twists in between.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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