Singled Out: Ahab's The Light In The Weed (Mary Madison)

Today Ahab guitarist and lyricist Chris Hector tells us about the song "The Light In The Weed (Mary Madison)" from their brand new album "The Boats Of The Glen Carrig", which will be released tomorrow (August 21st). Here is the story:

As we do not really have a single, I'll tell you something about the song that has the most personal meaning for me on the album. It is actually the most melancholic one but also the one with the most positive meaning.

Normally almost any of the journalists think of "crushing", "depressing" or similar stuff, when writing about our music - which is okay, but ... There was this one incident, when Daniel (our singer) and me strolled around the festival site of a German festival and were stopped by an almost bald headed girl. She just told us: "Thank you for your music - it saved my life during chemo therapy."

Besides being stunned by such an ultimate compliment, I guess, that was the first time, I realized, all these writers were probably right on a "scratching the surface level", but so wrong at the same time.

These few words and some personal experiences were much of an inspiration for my "The light in the weed" lyrics (besides interpreting the last chapters of W.H.Hodgson's novel "The Boats Of The Glen Carrig", of course). I loved the thought of having our album end in such positive and surprising way, too.

Musically I wrote the main song actually for some hobby electronic project of mine. But it turned out, the rhythm of this one was too twisted for "four to the floor stuff". So I showed the chords to the guys as I thought this probably could fit way better to AHAB. When we started working on it, Daniel, Stephan and Cornelius put in their interpretation of the chords and suddenly it turned out to be a very emotional AHAB song. I had goosebumps, when I first heard the whole song with the subtle drumming, the warm bass grooves and Daniel's haunting vocal lines. Him singing the last four lines at the very end of such "crushing" and "depressing" album was a very special moment for me. And it hopefully makes people listen to our music in between the lines as well.
Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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