Singled Out: Fable Cry's Dead Or Alive (For Now)

Today Zach Ferrin from Fable Cry tells us about their new track "Dead or Alive (for Now)" from their brand new album "We'll Show You Where the Monsters Are" which they are releasing this week (August 25th). Here is the story:

I've been asked to talk about this new song of ours and honestly there's always too much to say. The song itself is interesting, but the impact that it had on this band and the story behind its creation is just as important and I've decided to spare your eyes by only going into great detail on one of these fronts... Enjoy!

When I really think back on it, "Dead or Alive (For Now)" took so long to write it might have been forgotten about. I say that because it's dramatic and interesting to think of a song that was nearly forgotten about but had its old dusty fetal bones dug up, dusted off, and brought to a new life. Truthfully, I had not plans of forgetting about it, I'm just trying to express that it took me a really long time to finish, and I'll tell you why:

I love making music, more than almost anything, except for sharing that music - I like that even more. So with every song that I write, much of the inspiration and push comes from knowing that one day I'll be able to share it. The sooner I know I can share a song, the sooner I want to finish it. The first single on this album, "Fancy Dancing", had two thirds of the lyrics finished before we started making plans to release a video for it in time for last Halloween. I finished final touches on the lyrics the night before we went into the studio because I HAD to. We finished the instrumentation IN the studio, because we HAD to. We celebrated with candy and pizza afterwards because we HAD to. You get my point. When I first started writing "Dead or Alive (For Now)" two years ago I didn't really have to finish it yet. And, given the fact that Fable Cry was still just a duo, I didn't feel like I even could finish it no matter how hard I tried (don't worry, just saying that for dramatic effect again).

Up until that point, we had always written songs that we could pull off live with just the two of us, recording our first album with tons of instruments, and playing musical chairs during our shows. As we started writing songs for this new album, we noticed that with just the two of us, they were sounding like simplified acoustic cover versions of what they could be - like the Dinosaurs and that fungus in your fridge, we were evolving. For a while, we ignored this fact, but when I started writing this very song that we are now talking about I had to do myself, and all who may hear it, a favor by making a solemn vow that it would not see the light of day nor moon of night until it got the proper respect it deserved. This led to the realization that expanding the band was just the remedy we needed! And that's right around the time that my now current band mates out of nowhere started falling from the sky and crawling from the earth to join this little ensemble. So clear back when I first began writing it, I asked myself privately whether this song that I loved so dearly would ever be properly heard. And after showing it to the band, learning it, tweaking it, recording it, and now releasing it, I heard myself answer myself proudly, "yep".

So we hope that you enjoy this song that turned out to be the catalyst for making us what we are now. It is a fun and spooky little number that double dog dares you to look inside of yourself and see what monsters may be hiding there... Enjoy!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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