Singled Out: Jonesin and the Hurt's Concerta

Today Ralph Clarke from the Toronto rock band Jonesin and the Hurt tells us the story behind their song "Concerta" which comes from their latest album "Why Not?" Here is the story:

As I was writing this song I was making a discussion whether to continue my education or build my band from the ground up. The lyrics in this song describe my decision. Jumping into music feet first seemed to be the right thing to do: "what the hell have I done, I didn't mean to hurt anyone, but me".

A lot of the songs from our first album tell an over arcing story about a night out or two weeks worth of nights out. Over a year ago I was trying to find the crucial balance between staying awake, partying, and studying on a substance made only for the ladder. We have a friend who "wasn't studying anymore" that thought that it would be better in my hands. I am from the East Coast originally and miss my mother everyday. She isn't the one that makes me want to smoke cigarettes, but she is the reason why I will be heading home soon. It is dark in a sense that it feels anxious and busy, but we always like to resolve it with "I was feeling alright after a couple vodka sprites".

When I wrote this song I believed that it wouldn't really matter what we said within the words. We in the band feel inspired by the song because we have all been in situations when our vices seem to take over a little more then they should. Our vices and habits often effect the people around us and this song really creates this feeling. When we started writing music for this band and giving everything up for each other, it wasn't an attempt to hurt other people's feelings, sometimes we did. After having a couple vodka sprites and writing this I believe that it doesn't even matter what I was thinking during the process. What really matters is what people get out of it and how they feel after hearing it.

I don't know if the kids know what the free number is on a payphone.. But it's the damn Police.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the band and album right here!

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