Singled Out: The Falling Birds' Sweet Things That Kill

Today Stephen Artemis (Guitar, Vocals, Harmonia) form the eclectic rock group The Falling Birds tells us the story behind their new single "Sweet Things That Kill" from their forthcoming EP "Till We All Fall Down". Here is the story:

We had a bit of a vagrant problem at the place where we recorded Sweet Things That Kill. All names have been changed to protect the innocent. We've got this little rehearsal studio that we share with four other bands in Brooklyn. We call it "The Nest." The Nest is in the basement of a building that is right along the elevated train South Williamsburg. It's a perfect location because the train is loud as all hell so it hides the racket that we make in there until all hours of the night. The Nest is our little home away from home and we love it; but by normal people standards, it would probably be considered very creepy. Bands have been rehearsing there since Williamsburg first started to become an artist destination 20 years ago and I don't think it has been cleaned since, there are no windows, its dark... you get the picture.

Anyway so we recorded our entire album DIY at The Nest. There are always people from all the bands in and out, coming and going, grabbing stuff for gigs and whatnot so its normal to have people you don't know around. But we noticed this one person (lets call him Moses) who seemed to be hanging around more than usual and showing up at strange times. Moses was always nice, almost too nice, which is what aroused suspicion in the first place. Nobody is that nice in New York. Anyway, Moses shows up one night around 1:00 AM with a friend and asks when he can use the space. Somebody was finally like "hey Moses, by the way, who are you? Which band are you in?" Moses sort of fumbled for an answer and told us that he was "Jon's Friend." Jon is in one of the bands that shares the space. Still, his answer didn't address the question. Apparently Moses had not prepared a backstory for this situation. It got really awkward for a moment and eventually Moses and his buddy ventured off into the night.

All the bands started asking each other who this Moses guy was. As it turns out, Moses had been found sleeping there a few times. I think somebody once interrupted him in the space enjoying a sandwich. For some reason nobody ever brought this information to light. When we asked Jon about why he's letting people sleep in our shared studio (mind you, Moses is a stranger who was then living among our life savings worth of musical equipment), Jon told us that Moses is his band manager and that he needed a place to stay. I thought that was a pretty funny explanation, "Moses the vagrant band manager." Call me traditional, but it seems like a good band manager should probably be able to manage himself an apartment at the very least. No disrespect to the homeless of course. I'm just saying, if someone's going to provide your band with sound business advice, maybe that person should have things like a home (for starters).

So we told Jon that his management was no longer allowed to stay there, Moses didn't steal anything, and we recorded Sweet Things That Kill.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the band and the EP right here!

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