Singled Out: Garek's Save The Queen

New York City artist Garek has been turning heads with his new single "Save The Queen". For today's Singled Out we learn the story behind the song from Garek. Here is the story:

Once upon a time there was a boy. He was a happy boy, an energetic boy, but he was no ordinary boy. He enjoyed the finer things that toddler life had to offer: Barbie's playhouse, the color pink, dresses that would flow and twirl with him as he danced. He found G.I. Joes bland. Their feet, an immobile puddle of congealed plastic, left little room for grace. He found football terrifying. The thought of a spiraling pigskin hurled at him the stuff of nightmares. And he never understood why the other boys would resort to clenched fists and bloodies lips, when words would have been quicker and more effective. It was for these reasons, and many others, that he was different from the other boys, and they made it their mission to make him aware of this difference.

This boy was taught to believe that everything he enjoyed, the things that made him the happiest of all the boys, were things from which he was supposed to abstain. They were "girly" things. "Girly" things were bad, the other boys said. Since he was, in fact, the only boy that enjoyed these things he figured they must be right. "Girly" things should be avoided.

As he grew older, this boy internalized the message that the other boys kept preaching: anything effeminate was bad. He was effeminate. Therefore, he was bad. He was wrong. There was something about him which, although he would've given anything to do so, he was unable to change. The boy believed his inability to change to be a failure, and he began to hate himself for it.

The years flew by and this boy grew into a man. As a man he left his small town in Northern Wisconsin and moved to New York City. It was there, as he immersed himself in the color and variety of New York, that he began to question everything he had been taught to believe. He had spent the majority of his life trying to suppress who he was, but here he was free to be whomever he wished.

It was then that this man began exploring the side of himself he had kept so long in the shadows: his feminine side. It was a terrifying experience, but once he began to accept and befriend his feminine side he realized the gifts that she had been waiting to share with him all these years.

She embraced him, held out her hands and said, "Be not afraid, for I come bearing three gifts. The first is the gift of cunning. Where most men will use their strength, you will use your brain, for it is the smart man that makes slaves of the brutes. The second is the gift of creativity. You, like a mother, now hold the power to give birth to forms and ideas that previously did not exist. The third and final gift is the gift of determination, for your ruthlessness to pursue your dreams will rival that of a Queen's. Go now, and make yourself known to the world; I am here for you always, my Queen."

As a boy he was taught to suppress his femininity. As a man he discovered its gifts, and created a Queen.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and watch the video for the track here and learn more about Garek right here!

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Singled Out: Garek's Save The Queen

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