Singled Out: Ego Likeness' New Legion

Today Donna Lynch singer/ lyricist/ co-founder of darkwave/industrial rock band Ego Likeness tells us about the song "New Legion" from their brand new album "When the Wolves Return". Here is the story:

After seeing a series of paintings by MANDEM that incorporated the mythology of Medusa into contemporary feminist and social issues--such as domestic violence--I became stuck on the idea of writing a song about her from her own perspective. Eventually, it morphed into something larger, with Medusa becoming one of many characters mentioned, but I was able to stay true to the theme of violence against women, from objectification and manipulation to tangible forms of abuse.

I decided it needed to be an anthem, of sorts, but I didn't want to lose the "myth" aspect that had inspired it all, so it became a summoning song: we recognize the crimes, we call the entities, and we take revenge. It's not a happy song about making peace, it's a war cry.

When we got to the chorus, it only made sense to pay homage to the biblical story of the demon Legion ("My name is Legion; for we are many.") as this was my female version of the demon(s).

"To those who cannot speak/ to those whose mouths are empty/ we will stand for you/ for we are many..."

Hence, the New Legion.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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