Singled Out: Moonshine Bandits

Moonshine Bandits release their brand new album "Blacked Out" today (July 17th) and to celebrate we asked Big Tex to tell us about the songs "Lady Luck" and "She's Crazy" from the album. Here are the stories:

LADY LUCK: In Tattoo history, Lady Luck is a woman of fortune, a good luck charm. We have many Lady Lucks at our shows that are tattooed cowgirls that like to raise hell and that inspired us to write this song with our good friend Crucifix.

Ty Weathers and Burn County handled the production and we feel it's a solid summer anthem. The song and video both portray a modern day bonnie and clyde theme. The feedback from fans has been 100% positive!

SHE'S CRAZY: We wrote this song for all the fellas that love it when their woman gets a little tipsy off that whiskey! It's also about all the ladies that like to go out with their friends, get wild, slam some shots, and dance the night away. The lyrics are about that badass girl that can party with the best of em'.

Ty Weathers and Burn County produced this banger, and we love how the song has crunchy guitars, heavy beat in the drums and some hard guitar licks. It's a great party anthem to get the crowd dancing.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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