Steel Panther's Lexxi Foxx Featured On Wikimetal

The latest episode of the Wikimetal podcast includes a feature interview with Lexxi Foxx, the bass player for the Los Angeles comedy glam metal band Steel Panther.

The show sent over a handful of quotes from the interview: "We didn't have as much money as Poison, Guns N' Roses and Skid Rows of the world, so their flyers were bigger then our flyers.

"So every time we'd try to hang something up, their flyers were bigger so we didn't do that well. So that's why right now those bands can't afford those big flyers, we have much bigger flyers, some people call them posters."

On the group's longevity: "We lasted the longest. We didn't change members, we all like to party and we don't kick anybody out of the band for partying too much"

On Steel Panther's nostalgia appeal: "We bring back the time when you could tell who was in a band and who wasn't" Stream the full episode with Foxx here.

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