Metal Guitarist Injured In 'Freak Accident' With A Blender

Warbeast revealed in an online posting that guitarist Drew Shoup suffered a major injury to his index finger earlier this week as the result of a "freak accident" with a blender.

The band posted the following on their Facebook page on Wednesday, "Hey everyone… I have an update on our new Warbeast guitarist Drew Shoup. I know everyone has been concerned after his freak accident the other night to his fingers. I have some bad and good news to report.

"First of all for those that aren't aware of what happened…. Drew was washing a blender blade for like 2 seconds and right then their cat tried to jump up on the fridge. She missed and landed on his hand and it forced it onto the blade. It sliced them down to the bone… ouch!!! He was rushed to the ER and they gave him stitches that night.

"Today he went to see a hand specialist. The bad news is that he severed 3 tendons and a bunch of nerves. At the moment he has no feeling or movement in his index finger. He will have to schedule a surgery for next week for them to put it all back together.

"Now for the good news… right after the surgery, he will have to do therapy for awhile and they're telling him that it should all heal 100%. The timeframe on that is a guess right now… but Drew says he's determined to work hard and get back to playing as soon as possible. So we are hoping for about 6-8 weeks for the best case scenario.

"Even if it takes longer… we all have Drew's back and will support him through this unfortunate situation. Drew has worked really hard to be in Warbeast. He learned all of the songs and made the move from Colorado to Texas just to be a part of this band. So please send him some positive healing vibes so he can be back in the Warbeast lineup soon. I hear all the time lately that Warbeast is sounding better than we ever have with the additions of Drew and Lyric C. Ferchaud… so he is a very important part of this band.

"As far as our upcoming Warbeast shows… Mr. Scott Shelby will be playing all of the guitar parts and the shows will still go on. We've actually done several shows as a 4-piece over the years for various reasons… and so we've already adapted to situations like this. But once again…. good luck to Drew with his upcoming surgery and therapy…. we all have faith in ya bro!!" See the post and the photo here.

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