Singled Out: Rebecca Juliet's Damsel In Distress

Today 16-year-old singer-songwriter Rebecca Juliet tells us about her latest single "Damsel In Distress," from which she is donating the net proceeds to Girls Inc. of New York City. Here is the story:

I'm a huge advocate of making change through my music. I wrote my first single, "Angel on Our Shoulder," to convey the message that we all can- and ought to! -make a positive difference in the world, and in writing my second single, "Damsel in Distress," I wanted to continue that message.

"Damsel" focuses on the empowerment of women, something that I have been passionate about for a very long time. Particularly, the lyrics center on the difference between being polite and being patronizing, a distinction that is too often lost. As the lyrics say, "You can open the door,//But you need to know I'm not something to possess./ Please don't treat me like a damsel in distress." Basically, the thesis of the song is that chivalry and courtesy are great things, but a problem exists if a guy steps over the line into doing something for a girl because he thinks that she can't do it herself.

Obviously, this message of the empowerment of women is an amazingly important one, but I also wanted my video to be really fun. It was important to me to create something that got my message across without hitting people over the head with how serious the subject matter is. To achieve this goal, my creative team, headed by my amazing director Michael Sandoval, and I worked to create a highly satirical video to match the upbeat music. This video itself is hilarious, with scenes in green-screened boats and fighting ninjas.

Just as with "Angel on Our Shoulder," I wanted to find a charitable partner for "Damsel" so that I could effectuate real change through my art. I am absolutely thrilled to donate the profits from the downloading for the song to Girls Inc. of New York City, a wonderful charity that works to empower underprivileged girls ages 6-18 in NYC, where I live. This organization seeks to "inspir[e] girls to be strong, smart, and bold" through over 40 different classes in many subjects, ranging from STEM fields to pregnancy prevention and self-confidence.

To learn more about Girls Inc. of New York City, any of my other fantastic charitable partners, "Damsel in Distress," or "Angel on Our Shoulder," please visit rebeccajuliet.com and like me on Facebook (Rebecca Juliet).

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more right here!

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