Singled Out: Scarlett Parade's White River

Today Geoff Tinkler from Scarlett Parade tells us about the song "White River" from their brand new album "Wildwoods," which was released this week. Here is the story:

We were brought up on folk music and bands like Led Zeppelin, so having a fantastical/mythical element to our music has never felt strange to us. In White River I don't think we ever made a conscious decision to try and write it like we did, it all just pieced itself together quite nicely.

Originally, Adam had most of the parts to the song written and after hearing it, the words for the chorus immediately popped into my head. I then played around with a really simple verse idea of just two chords which at first felt a little bit simplistic, but as the story of the song came together it became clear that this was a positive thing as it meant that the narrative would take prominence. It also further allowed us a lot of freedom to build upon it, adding layer after layer of moving strings/piano overdubs/guitar overdubs to provide tension throughout the track only to ultimately climax into the big choral wave of the outro.

Both our producer and mixer did a masterful job because there really are so many parts interweaving but when listening, you only hear their impression.

Essentially we had wanted to tell an epic story of love, loss and betrayal and with the Celtic feel of the music and instrumentation we would always have had a great basis in which to do so. However, with the song being only four minutes long and only having two verses and two choruses the constraints to doing this are inevitably quite huge. As a result of this, perhaps it's no real surprise that the animated music video ended up becoming such an integral part of the whole White River story.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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