Singled Out: Lucifer's Anubis

Former vocalist for The Oath, Johanna Sadonis' new band Lucifer release their debut album "Lucifer I" today and to celebrate we asked Johanna to tell us about the song "Anubis". Here is the story:

This is the story behind "Anubis". My uncle died very sudden and quite a horrible death last year. When the family gathered in his house, everyone got to seek out something that belonged to him to keep as a memory. He was a historian and had a collection of remarkable books. During all this confusion among the people gathered, I was sitting Indian style in front of his bookshelf. I pulled out the Egyptian Book Of The Dead and came across this illustration of Anubis. Fascinated, I looked into it. The Egyptians have a very beautiful take on death and it's meaning in the life leading up to it. In this illustration, which is seen on the cover of the single, the dead are lined up and Anubis takes each one of them by the hand and leads them up to a scale. He places the heart of the deceased onto one side of the scale - on the other lies a feather. He weighs your heart against it. If your heart is no heavier than the feather you will be led into the kingdom of the dead, otherwise thrown to the beast. The weight of how you live your life. Anubis also symbolizes an important person in my life.

When I heard the riffs for Anubis' chorus for the first time, I came up with this melody thinking of Snowblind by Sabbath. I always loved the bridge of Snowblind. Once this melody was in my head for Anubis I just couldn't shake it off anymore. Some people accused us of stealing from Sabbath when the single got released but it really is a tribute with nothing to hide. Black Sabbath can be seen as the core of Lucifer's influences. It is both Gary Jennings and my favourite band.

We recorded the single in this amazing studio called Candy Bomber, placed in an old Nazi airport in Berlin that looks like a huge granite stone spaceship. The studio is run by Ingo Krauss, who was an apprentice at Conny Plank's legendary studio famous for many important Krautrock productions, Candy Bomber Studio is filled with an incredible amount of vintage recording gear including a rare tube desk and tape machines. The inside of the studio is like a trip back in time with Ingo Krauss, the wizard of sound, non-stop puffing away by his desk. We fell in love with it and went back this year to record the full album Lucifer I.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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