Singled Out: Gyre's Behind the Eyes

Today guitarist Juan Soaz from the prog metal quintet Gyre tells us about the song "Behind the Eyes" which comes from their recently released new EP "Moirai". Here is the story:

The inspiration for "Behind the Eyes," off the 'Moirai' EP, comes from a profound sense of knowing where we want to be as a unit and reflecting that feeling into the music. The main riff, in particular, emotes our inner desire to move forward in a powerful stride towards opening a sincere interaction with the listener. This riff is about movement and the importance of overcoming stagnancy. The feel of the chorus is intended to encourage an expression of raw emotion, but also allow for reflection in order to provide release and continue moving forward.

After a quick pause, the song picks up pace with a riff that reflects the main powerful riff in the beginning, but intensifies it as well. This leads into the middle section of the song, mainly written by Chirag [Bhatt, guitar], which sets out to intricately promote the process of dissecting, deconstructing and, finally, organizing all previously scattered feelings, moving on to the journey towards the answer. A heavy emotional bridge then mirrors the transition from detachment to acceptance, leading into an aggressive, angry, riff which serves as motivation to push forward and overcome. Shifting back into the chorus, the song emphasize the importance of feeling and reflecting.

Gyre exists by working as a combined unit to collectively deliver intense and meaningful music. Each member contributes a vital piece towards the creation of the final product.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and stream the full EP right here!

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