Singled Out: Millennial's Paralyzed

Today up-and-coming indie trio Millennial tells us about their debut single "Paralyzed" which they explain has now taken on a new, deeply personal meaning for the group. Here is the story:

This past month has given our song, "Paralyzed" a whole new meaning concerning our band. When we wrote it, we thought about some of the hard times and what got us through them. Little did we know what would happen months later. How much we would lean on the song to remind us a dream is bigger and more powerful than the situation you are currently facing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 we got a phone call that Logan Fincher (Millennial's Lead Guitarist) was in the emergency room with a brain bleed. We rushed to the ER to find Logan surrounded by his family. Nurses would come in and out telling them the next steps. Logan showed no fear until they told him he would be in ICU to await surgery a long ten days later. He only asked one question "Am I going to be ok?"

They ran tests resulting in us learning Logan had had an underdeveloped vessel in his brain since birth. Any kind of strenuous activity could make it pop at any time. The damaged vessel was spider webbed together with healthy vessels that control the left side of his body. This meant the surgery could have left him paralyzed.

It is times like these where it is hard to think positively, it feels much easier to fear the worst. We chose not to give in. Our goal was to go into the hospital and dream with him. Talk about everything we want to do, everything we want to accomplish. Collectively, we wanted to keep reaching for something more, not knowing what the surgery would bring the following day. Huddled together in his hospital room we prayed for a miracle.

The day of the surgery finally arrived. We waited for hours until we heard "Fincher family please come to the desk for an update." We all gathered in a meeting room to hear from the surgeon. He came out very calm and said "The surgery went well, he's going to be ok." Logan's mom chimed in "You were able to separate the bad vessel from the good ones?" The surgeon looked around the room, "When we reached the site it didn't look as bad as it did when running the tests. We were able to remove it successfully."

A few days later Logan was able to go home. We asked him, "What were you thinking about in surgery?" Logan responded, "I kept seeing us playing in London. We are going to do some pretty amazing things!" With that we knew, nothing can steal a dream. Dreams are powerful. They bring hope, peace and give us a new way to see life.

So, we dare you! We dare you dream. We dare you to hope. We dare you not to believe in the words you've been sold. Sometimes you will feel like you're losing your way. Like you're stuck in place and starting to breaků butů Nothing can paralyze you.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the group right here!

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