Black Star Riders Star Explains What Happened To Joe Elliott

. Black Star Riders guitar player Scott Gorham explains in a new interview with Classic Rock Revisited why the band decided not to record under the name Thin Lizzy and also why Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott backed out of producing their new album "The Killer Instinct."

When asked why they abandoned the Thin Lizzy name before releasing their first album, Gorham explained, "We had so many people who thought it was a mystery why would do that. We walked away from a brand name. The record advances were easily twice as much as we got with Black Star Riders for obvious reasons. In my mind, especially, as well as everyone else in the band, it was the right thing to do.

"We were thinking about it for two or three years when the question came up as to when we were going to make an album of new material. Every other band that got together did just that. We were the only ones that hadn't done it. As the time got closer and closer to closing this thing out, and we were going to go in the studio, I told everybody, 'You know guys, this has been going on for a while, but I just feel too f***ing uncomfortable going into the studio and recording an album under the name of Thin Lizzy. Everything that I've done under that name, recording wise, has been with Phil Lynott and I am too uncomfortable to do this.' Ricky Warwick chimed in and said, 'I agree with that. It would be great doing an album under this name, but I think you're totally right.' Most everybody out there thinks it was the right way to go."

He was then asked "is it important to Black Star Riders to write music in the Thin Lizzy style? I am talking the twin guitars and overall vibe. Not all songs are like that but there is that elemental Lizzy style."

Scott replied, "It is not a pre-meditated kind of things where we go, 'Let's go write in the Thin Lizzy vein.' That is absolutely not happening. What is happening is that people do know where we come from. It is almost like they hear the twin guitars and immediately 'that's Thin Lizzy.' Then again, people have brought songs to me that other bands have done and said, 'This band sounds like you.' Really, all there was going on was a harmony guitar. We are never going to lose that tag and I don't want to lose that tag. Thin Lizzy has been a massive chunk of my life. I don't know what to tell you. We write the songs the way we write them and they come out sounding the way they do. We don't try to sound like something that has already been."

Gorham then provided some more details about why Joe Elliot pulled out of producing their new album. He said, "During the embryonic stage of this new album he came to us. He said, 'Listen guys, I would love to produce your second album. I've got the studio. I've got the know-how and I've got the kick ass engineer. What do you think?' We said, 'Yeah that sounds great.' We've all been friends with Joe for decades and we knew it would be a really kick ass situation. We would be in the studio with this really competent guy, who has had a lot of success and he's got his own studio. Hell yeah.

"What happened is that the f***ing guy's band, you may have heard of them, they are called Def Leppard. They got their first record deal, the first one they've had in years. The record company threw a boat load of cash at them and told them they needed a release by such and such a date, which meant that they needed to record right in our time frame. He couldn't apologize enough and we were a little cheesed off. What it did is pave the way for Raskulinecz, who I thought was just a killer find as a producer."

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