Aerosmith In The Studio For Toys In The Attic Anniversary (A Top Story)

On Wednesday Aerosmith In The Studio For Toys In The Attic Anniversary was a top story. Here is the recap: The latest episode of the syndicated radio show InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands celebrates the fortieth anniversary of Aerosmith's album "Toys in the Attic." The show sent over these details:

The perception that Aerosmith had broke with "Dream On" off their debut album is not entirely accurate. As drummer Joey Kramer recalls to InTheStudio host Redbeard,

"The first album really didn't go anywhere until "Dream On" was released (as a single) three or four times. "Dream On" was a single when this record (Toys InThe Attic) hit."

It was the third release of "Dream On" as a single, after the release of their second album Get Your Wings, that lit the fuse for Aerosmith's breakout album Toys In The Attic. What followed was an monster album selling over 8 million copies and producing the timeless classics "Walk this Way" and "Sweet Emotion", not to mention the first anti-child abuse song "Uncle Salty", the circular contagion of "No More, No More", a swingin' cover of Bullmoose Jackson's bawdy, "Big Ten Inch" and the riff rock title track "Toys in the Attic".

Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford take us back to this critical moment in history where Aerosmith began their rise as America's greatest hard rock band.

Stream the episode - here.