Inside Track: Faith No More's Sol Invictus and Superhero (A Top Story)

On Thursday Inside Track: Faith No More's Sol Invictus and Superhero was a top story. Here is the recap: Faith No More have made an epic return with their new album "Sol Invictus" which just debut at no. 1 Billboard's Hard Music and no. 6 on Billboard Top Albums charts. Matt Wallace, who worked on the album, gives us the inside track for the single "Superhero". Here is Matt:

Hey. Matt Wallace here giving you the inside scoop about Faith No More's song "Superhero" which is the second single from their brand spanking new album Sol Invictus.

I'd been in contact with Bill Gould for the better part of last year in hopes that I'd be able to participate in their new album in some way. I'd offered (about a thousand times) to head on up to San Francisco and help them with the recording process, be a cheerleader, assistant… anything. However, he insisted that they were doing it on their own. So, about six months ago Bill came to me with the recordings in progress as he wanted to make sure that the sonic quality was of good quality. He copied the entire album over to my computer and we spent the better part of a day listening to all of the tracks (without vocals, as they weren't completed yet) and I was beyond thrilled to hear the band sounding confident and at the top of their game. They sounded confident, relaxed, focused and, as always, ready to go in any musical direction that their guts told them to go. After Bill left I was looking forward to pulling up the tracks and enjoying making my own mixes of their unfinished music so that I could listen to it. But, as fate would have it, Bill called me 30 minutes later and asked me to erase all of the new FNM music off my computer's hard drive. Let me tell you, nothing was more difficult to do than to erase music that I'd waited a long, long time to listen to. I was seriously looking forward to getting into every nook and cranny of what they'd created but I had to, reluctantly, erase it all from my computer. It was difficult to do but it was the right thing to do.

Fast forward six months and Bill is in my studio with me and we're mixing "Superhero". He'd sent it to me a few days prior and I'd spent the better part of two days mixing it and was very excited to see what he had to say about my mix. Well, Bill didn't like my mix. I'd gone in a different direction than what he wanted and, at that moment, I thought that I'd lost the job. So, I asked him to give me a few hours and I undid my mix and started from scratch and quickly (and somewhat stressfully) pulled together a mix that was more in keeping with what Bill wanted. Thankfully, it was much closer to what he'd intended and, together, we finished the first mix. After getting many positive comments from the rest of FNM we made the changes to the mix, it was approved, and we completed our first mix together!

Fortunately for me, Bill and FNM then hired me to do a second song and, after that went well, they invited me to do a third song and so on and so on until, voila!, I ended up co-mixing the entire album with Bill. It was an amazing experience to be allowed to participate in working together on their first album in about 18 years and, it was really lovely being reunited with the band as I'd been their friend, engineer, producer and mixer over the course of their early demos up through the album entitled "Angel Dust". I'm honored and thrilled to have been able to contribute to mixing "Superhero" and, then, co-mixing the entire "Sol Invictus" album with Bill Gould, Mike Patton, Mike Bordin, Roddy Bottum and Jon Hudson.

p.s. Some cool technical info: We used an amazing plugin from Sonarworks that flattens out the frequency response of your monitors (any make and model) which helped Bill and I better capture the essence of their music. We mastered it with Maor Appelbaum who was very dedicated and patient with both Bill and I (and he gave us sonic pointers midway through the mixing process).

We'll be hearing more from Matt soon as he produced and mixed the New Beat Fund album, which is coming out on June 16th and he is currently in the studio in Nashville producing a new album for 3 Doors Down. As for Faith No More, now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here. and learn more about the album - right here!