Singled Out: Spiritwo's Mesumamim

Spiritwo frontwoman Yael Claire Shahmoon tells us the story behind their son "Mesumamim" which is being released as part of a double A-side single with the song 'Face To Face' on November 13th. Here is the story:

"Mesumamim" means " On Drugs" in Hebrew... guitarist Charlie Cawood preferred the original Hebrew word to the English one, as it creates an abstract metaphor to what "drugs" can represent, like, for example, people who live like zombies in the big city - just numb...from struggling the daily grind, closed up in they own shell of survival and self neglect...workaholics who never have time for themselves, people who forgot who they are in order to fit in, youngsters that are afraid of their lives floating in the haze of endless clubs, people binge drinking...you see all sorts of zombies in London...

When I was designing the electronic drums, I designed a snare that will sound like a gun shot - a 'slapping' menace of self damage...hinting something suicidal... I have also asked Charlie Cawood, who plays many world music string instruments - to put some Arabic Oud in the song, to have a deep, 'heartfelt' sad tone to it...but he chose the Turkish Saz... that has a 'lighter' higher pitch...

So I think we ended up with a 'Spagetti Western Urban Melodrama' of a track, with wide sound landscapes, maybe not the Sahara... maybe the Nevada! a beautiful, romantic void with a distance gun shot...a whole personality who is becoming a dessert! :)

Image wise, I remembered my first ever SPIRITWO shoot with Frankie Eden in 2006 - In those times, I have performed live in big queer underground events in Tel Aviv with a huge wig and latex dresses (before Lady Gaga came around, of course)

In that first photo shoot I pretended to be a girl that never left her room - sitting on her neglected bed with all the food she ate, popcorn and breadcrumbs...Posing pure decadence and glamorous witchcraft...

I decided I can Re-use the images and collide them with amazing nature landscapes shot by photographer Jon Bagge in the Lake District - creating a clash between all the beautiful pure things existing in the world - and how we might miss them - being trapped in our own self neglect, being out of touch...

So in the video for Mesumamim we mixed all those images up...Creating an avant guard video saga by putting some slugs on a bed, full of pictures and memories, plotting up a sense of absence, inner darkness, emotional blindness and then - jumping into heartening brightness of nature pictures in time lapse...and ...of course, a splash of water, to make the drama more wet!!

Director Rosie Jones who shot and edited the video had to hear me keep saying " I know its Hardcore... but can we keep it Zen??! "

I think Mesumamim is defiantly a 'Wet Dessert Hardcore Zen song'... ...yeah... ;-)

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Spiritwo's Mesumamim

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