Singled Out: Doll Skin's Family of Strangers

Doll Skin, the up and coming all-female rock quartet, tell us about "Family of Strangers" from their "In Your Face" EP which was produced by Megadeth's David Ellefson and will be released on October 30th. Here is the story:

Family of Strangers was the very first song Doll Skin ever wrote. It existed before we gave our band the name Doll Skin, actually! We were adamant about adding an original to our set for the battle of the bands we were participating in at drummer Meghan's high school. It would be our first gig ever, and we knew not a lot of bands would have originals, especially for a small high school battle. As soon as Alex perfected the main riff, and Nicole wrote a solid bass part, Meghan knew exactly what lyrics to pull for the song.

A year back, she wrote the lyrics about how connected a room full of fans can feel to each other during a concert. Complete strangers can become instant friends because they already have one thing in common; their love for music. For that one day, these people can all feel like family. Sydney phrased the melody to sound pretty punk heavy. We wanted the song to be huge in sound! We actually sped up the tempo at least 25 bpm's after five months of playing it slower live. It sounds way cooler at a faster tempo. It evolved even more when we recorded it at the Platinum Underground!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the band and the new EP right here!

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