Singled Out: Echo Black's Burn Another Day (Featuring Davey Suicide)

Danny Blu from Echo Black tells us the story behind their recently released debut single and video "Burn Another Day" which features a guest appearance from Davey Suicide. Here is the story:

"Burn Another Day" came to me on the subway like most songs do. Living in NYC is difficult, especially when it comes to finding alone time to write and be creative. I find myself coming up with music, lyrics, ideas, etc., on the subway because even though you are surrounded by people, you're really in your own world.

"We live in this hell together" comes from the religious idea that we're currently in hell, doing our time, and when we die we move on to heaven. I've always thought that was a romantic notion. I expanded upon that and finished out the chorus, "if we burn we fade away, so we wear these crowns of sadness and we live to burn another day." Basically, if we succumb to the bullsh*t and metaphorically burn, we let "them" win. So we live to burn another day.

The versus are anthemic... Detailing what we have to deal with in this "hell" we live in. We wanted to write a debut single that would establish our ideals as a band and the message we wanted to put out the world. Everyone has their own stuff to deal with, but you can never let them see you "burn."

The inspiration for the bridge came from a Queen song. "Who wants to live forever?" is something I've thought about for a long time. Live hard and live well and have no regrets. Living safe and living forever seems like no fun.

When it came time to find a guest vocalist for this song, we knew we needed someone unique; someone who stood for the same things we do. Davey Suicide agreed to jump on the track and we were ecstatic. His energy lines up really well with what we were going for.

Our producer Nick Scott added the elements that make this song stand out. We couldn't have asked for a better team on this one.

The video idea came as a collaboration with our director Nathan Crooker. We knew we wanted to go dark, to go heavy, and he was right on board. There is a lot of talk about "it gets better," which is a great movement, but why not take it one step further: it needs to be better now. We need to fight back. Not necessarily with violence, because what would that solve, but in some fashion. That was the metaphor behind the video. What happens when the abused fight back?

We hope you enjoy "Burn Another Day" and keep up with us as we tour the U.S. this fall! We have some more tricks up our sleeve on the way!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and watch the video here and learn more right here!

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