Gene Simmons Explains Details Behind Police Search Of His Home

KISS star Gene Simmons explains the details behind the recent police search of his Los Angeles area home by a task force investigating child porn. The investigation was apparently launched because someone had used the rock star's wi-fi network to engage in illegal activity while he and his family were away from the home.

Simmons detailed what happened in a new interview with Australia's News.com.au and says that he and his family are currently "helping the FBI and the cops track down the bad guy."

He tells the outlet, "We came back from hiking and there was a crack taskforce from the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Police Department, and they asked for permission to come in and search our home, and we said, 'Sure, why not.'"

"So they came in and searched all over the place, and then two or three hours later we all sat down. What happened was, we were off on tour about a year ago, and somehow our [internet connection] was used by some very bad people to do porn of a certain kind - the worst kind. So they checked the records, found out that I was on the east coast of America - they deemed that from there you couldn't do that - our kids were off in Canada, [wife] Shannon was outside the country."

Simmons expressed surprise that someone could use his wi-fi network outside of his home. "You can be right outside of somebody's home - I'm finding out - and if you have the [network] information you can actually do stuff right outside the home, like on the street."

He adds, "I'm certainly the last person to understand that stuff. But they have to be in the area, either inside the home or one of the people coming to clean - we have people coming into the house all the time; food deliveries, workmen - or they were nearby."

Read the full report for more details here.

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