Singled Out: Martina Edoff's World Has Gone Mad

Martina Edoff kicks off a tour with Epica, Eluveitie and The Agonist next week and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about her single "World Has Gone Mad," from her debut solo album 'Unity,' which comes out October 16th. Here is the story:

It started as a I heard myself saying it out loud even though I was alone at the moment. I had just read about something upsetting and thought of how crazy things are around us and in the world and how it even feels like it´s escalating!

I sat down instantly and the lyrics came to me in my head as I wrote them down. I had a melody that I kept mumbling while I was writing and even if I hadn't decided yet how the melody would go I just kept to it for the moment. I needed music to it to make it more alive.

The first time I met with Jona Tee to start our co-writing we just picked one of my lyrics just to try and see if we would find a sound for our first work together. It happened by chance to be the lyrics of World has gone mad. The very first meet of a long going process is just to see how it goes and get to know each other. Jona took his guitar and followed me while I was singing and we decided to do a simple recording. Started with programmed drums to get the right bpm and then he put some base and guitar on it. I recorded my vocal and since i hadn't come up with a bridge to the song yet I just kept on singing to the music which we figured we'll find something later on to add in the progress. What you hear in the bridge is what we kept from that moment.

When I had put my vocals on we decided to leave it and went on to another song that we felt more inspiring. Jona is a master on keyboard and I let him do his thing on the second song we started to work on. The day after he sent me the results of the second song and it blew my mind! Yes!! This is the sound I'm looking for!! You're the man Jona!!!

Still our work with World has gone mad was unfinished and we forgot about to work further on it. A couple of months later when we had enough of songs to record so we went to the grandiose Boohus studio in Gothenburg to start the recording of the album. My producer Tobias Lindell had a bunch of songs to start working with and all the musicians from the fantastic band HEAT were there to do their job.

Both Jona and I felt that this particular song wasn't one of the strongest and as we listened to our poor demo we figured lets try to make it fit in with the other tunes we've got.

The guys in the band amazed me when they started to play. They have known each other for many years and know exactly where they´re going. We did a couple of rehearsals and soon we had the same sound on the song we thought should be tossed in the garbage can. One day we had a visit from a guy who runs a record company in Gothenburg and he took a fast listening through all the songs. His first comment after he´d finished was Thats the single! In my opinion! World has gone mad!

We all went home and I discussed with my manager about to pick a single for preparing of a video I wanted to make. I still had in mind what the guy from the record company had said. Yeah maybe it's a good one to start with.
I had a picture in my head about to portrait an old mental institution to show how madness could look like. I found a straightjacket and saw myself singing the song wearing it.

Heading back to Gothenburg to work with talented producers for the video was the next thing to do. They had built a padded wall to make it look like a room for me to act upon. I gave everything I had and went totally nuts during the video shooting to really make it credible and to reach the feeling of the context of the song and afterwards I'm glad they didn't use everything of my acting though I really went crazy and it might not be good for my first single out of my new album haha.

After their job to put all the images together and their work with the filming they showed me the video and I felt the same feeling I had that day when I burst out: The world has gone mad!!!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album, and check out the tour dates right here!

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