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Norwegian metal duo Anfinnsaas will release their new self-titled album tomorrow (September 18th) and to celebrate we asked the two members of the band to tell us the story behind their debut single "Slått Fra Røstad." Here is the story:

Geir Anfinn Halland Johansen: When I wrote the single Slått Fra Røstad I really just wanted to make some energetic music I would enjoy to both play and listen to. This song, and all the others on the album, is a mix of traditional Norwegian folk drumming (yes, that's a thing!) mixed with Finsaas' fast, thunderous and untraditional guitar playing. I was, and still am, into metal music, but not as much the modern generic metal sound. Why do all the modern and new metal bands often sound so similar? Why not record an metal album the same way as the old, good sounding rock bands did? Lots of room mics, live one-take takes without much editing, lots of bleeds from every instrument and things in the room. That's the sound I like!
Slått Fra Røstad and the whole Anfinnsaas album was therefore recorded live with the help of Rhys Marsh at Autumnsongs Recording Studio, which is an old school studio with old school mics and old school recording technics. What you get as a listener is a really good and different sounding metal album. What would Slayer or Meshuggah sound like if they recorded their albums in 1969? Take a listen to Anfinnsaas - Slått Fra Røstad and you might get the idea!

Knut Finsaas: Slått fra Røstad was made through jamming at rehearsals and experimenting in the studio. It starts out with a drum beat, and me adding a guitar riff basically. It evolved over time, and after being edited, twisted and turned, it sounded like it does on the recording.

On this recording, as a guitarist, I primarily focused on rhythm and sound. Melodies/harmonies aren't that important as there are none. What I basically do is I hit more or less all the strings while pressing a variety of fuzz boxes, in different rhythmic patterns.

It's all about making a lot of noise.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the group and grab a link to a full album stream right here!

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