Singled Out: The Pollies' Lost

The Pollies release their brand new album "Not Here" today (September 25th) and to celebrate we asked Jay Burgess to tell us the story behind the song "Lost". Here is the story:

I'm the type of writer who starts out with a progression and a melody. After a melody has been established, I usually start recording the song with lyrics off the top of my head. Usually, I can start making sense with the multiple takes of made up lyrics. "Lost" is one of those songs. It was sitting around with no lyrics that I liked or at least none that fit the feeling of the song. I did multiple recordings, at different times, to try and establish a subject. I was listening back, and in one of the takes I said, "I wish I was lost." For days, maybe even weeks, this one line (if you would call it that) stayed on my notepad, with other lyrical ideas, but in bold was, "I WISH I WAS LOST,"

Soon thereafter, a friend of mine started going through some marital issues. He was, and still is, one of my closest friends. His wife and my wife were just as close, cousins to be exact. He would call about every other day to talk about things that had transpired from the days before. I soon found myself going through the same exact problems. We had learned that our wives had been having affairs. Something he nor I had ever been through, nor thought about. We spent many nights discussing everything. Not just our marital problems, but other issues as well. We had found ourselves in the same uncomfortable positions. Couch surfing, legal mess, etc. When going through crazy times like this, it seems that your mind goes in a different direction. You're not your normal self at all. You hear things a different way. You view things a different way. You put anything and everything involved with you under a microscope, hoping to find the answer to your existing problem or problems. After one of our conversations, I went back to some of the demo's for "Lost." In the 3-4 demos were words that I had not heard before. It probably took me 15 minutes to finish the song that night. I changed the bold phrase in my notebook to make sense with the subject matter and recorded the last demo for "Lost."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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