Chickenfoot Working On New Album Says Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar reveals in a new interview that Chickenfoot, (his band with Joe Satriani, Red Hot Chili Pepper's Chad Smith, and his former Van Halen bandmate Michael Anthony), are working on a new album.

He tells Ultimate Classic Rock, "What we decided to do with Chickenfoot is casually write a record the way we're doing now. Like, Joe (Satriani) and I get together and get the song and then Chad (Smith) put drums on one song already and Mikey (Anthony) put bass on it and we did the vocals.

"We've got one f***ing finished song ('Before I Die') that to me, is the coolest song that we've maybe ever had. It's really bluesy and edgy and modern and it's f***ing cool."

He also explained the differences he sees between Chickenfoot and his other current project the Circle and why he thinks that Chickenfoot will continue, despite speculation that it was over. "I love Chickenfoot. It's just that for me, being able to play my whole career with the Circle is so important to me. I've gotta tell ya, the chemistry in the Circle is right up there with the chemistry in Chickenfoot, when Chad's in the band, Chad, Mike and I. It's the same kind of thing - it's just a little bit different.

"Chickenfoot, I think may be the most creative band I've ever been in. I think it's even more creative than Van Halen was in a sense. Joe is so prolific that Joe can write 20 pieces of music, beginning to end, bridge, chorus, solo section, intro, outro and just bring it and say, 'How do you like this?' And we go, 'Wow, that's great,' or 'Eh, it don't feel right to us - it sounds like Joe solo.' You know, whatever!

"Having a guy like that in the band that is so freakin' prolific - I've never seen a musician in my life like that - because he reads and he writes and he studies…he's a professor, so he's theorizing with music.

"I say, how about some mid-tempo thing like 'Every Breath You Take' by the Police. Joe walks in the next day and he's got it. How about something like 'Black Dog,' which was 'Soap On A Rope,' with the breaks where the vocal is and the next day Joe walks in with that. I mean, not just an idea….that whole f-in' piece and all I had to do is write lyrics and come up with a melody and that f-in' song was done. That's the way Joe is. Being in a band with that kind of creativity and the engine of Chad and Mike on the rhythm section is second to nothing.

"You know, Mike and Jason (Bonham) are bad-ass too, don't get me wrong, but I have to do another record with that band, because it's so creative." Check out the full interview here.

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