Singled Out: BZRK's Interpersonal Ethic

Today Nashville hip-hop group BZRK tell us about what inspired their track "Interpersonal Ethic," which is the latest single/video from their recently released album "Crop Circles." Here is the story:

Interpersonal Ethic is essentially the "culmination" track that sums up the theme of the album Crop Circles. It focuses on how one should never let their vices or worries or inhibitions get in the way of realizing their dreams. We (ThirdEye G and MacDon) focused our verses around how we have no other option but to work as hard as we can to succeed in today's rap game.

Though we have vices of our own, we stress that recognizing these vices and using them to our own advantage has made us stronger and more prolific in our art. Interpersonal Ethic was a track that came together much quicker than the rest of the album because we felt this notion is one we could get across in one full swoop. Every line is a situation or feeling we've experienced personally in the making of this album, so nitpicking and multiple listens may be necessary for the entire idea of the song/album to be recognized.

Long story short, don't let your dreams be dreams. Life can seem very slow at times, but the point is to always look at the big picture. Make small achievements every day, even if you can't get off the couch because you're too lit listening to our album. Every step towards your dreams, big or small, is worth it in the long run. BZRK fully stands by the last line of Interpersonal Ethic. "Do it big like I'm 'posed to"

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video here and learn more about the album and group right here!

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