Singled Out: Shiraz Lane's For Crying Out Loud

Shiraz Lane released their debut album "For Crying Out Loud" today (April 15th) and to celebrate we asked lead singer Hannes Kett to tell us the story behind the title song. Here is the story:

When we started working on our debut album, we had a clear vision of what it would sound like and from day one we wanted it to be called "For Crying Out Loud".

We had a song called "The Cure" which we completely rewrote two weeks prior to the first scheduled recording sessions because it didn't sound like us. It might sound stupid & reckless to do such a thing so close to recording, but we had a vision we wanted to share with the world and I think this song sums up the message & the atmosphere/sound Shiraz Lane is all about.

I was struggling with the lyrics on this album, some came more naturally than others. I had so much to say, but didn't find the right words to express my thoughts.

Shiraz Lane is basically 5 peace loving guys wanting to change the world one song at a time, while spreading the message of Peace, Love & Harmony.

I do tend to write about the things I see and feel, things that touch every life form, about life itself. In the verses of the FCOL I point out our superficial way of living - we often forget what is truly important - we are all brothers and sisters, we are One. I believe in Humanity, I believe that if we stand as one we can truly make a change and heal Mother Earth instead of constantly abusing Her.

In the chorus I state the following: " We are the Cure, We stand as One, For Crying Out Loud, This can't go on, Out of the Dark into the Light, From here on out it's Do or Die, We are the Cure, We stand as One, For Crying Out Loud".

Is this the way we want our life to be? Is this legacy we leave behind? Is this the world we want our children & grandchildren to live in? We can still change the course of this sinking ship.

Peace, Love & Harmony,
Hannes Kett/Shiraz Lane

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video here and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Shiraz Lane's For Crying Out Loud

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