Leaves' Eyes Part Ways With Singer Liv Kristine

Leaves' Eyes surprised fans this weekend with the announcement that they have replaced frontwoman Liv Kristine with Finnish singer Elina Siirala and the band and Kristine are singing a different tune about the parting of ways.

The band posted the following message on Facebook with their side of the split: "The decision to part ways with Liv was taken by all Leaves' Eyes members, including Liv. A mediator - a friend of Liv and Alex - was at the band meeting who can witness that the decision of parting ways was agreed by all members. Liv was happy to have the opportunity to plan changes in her future life and she does not have to go on tour so much anymore. The idea to go separated ways came up already in January. Elina was no part of this decision or process."

Liv Kristine here the following on her personal page, "it's with sadness I see the latest news reaching you. That this chapter in my life would have to end so soon was not my intention. Life must go on. For all of us. I wish Leaves' Eyes with their decisions and plans all the best for the future. I will keep you posted with good news soon!"

She later posted, "without you I wouldn't have the strength to continue with music. What you all have done for me with all your endless support and passion keeps me going on in these difficult times.

"Thank you for warning me concerning new postings by someone in Leaves' Eyes, done to harm me and make my situation even worse. I have nothing to hide, nothing to fear. I was told a bit longer than a week ago that I am not preferred as the band's singer for further tours and recordings anymore. I asked for the situation concerning Indonesia and the soon-to-happen up-coming shows. The answer was 'no'. I asked if there's a replacement and I got no clear answer. I can't believe this process happened behind my back, parallel to a huge disappointment in my private life. A few days later there certainly was a replacement. I must say - that was 'quick'!

"I still see Leaves' Eyes as 'my baby' and I will miss playing these gigs, feeling the good vibes, sensing the real Norwegian Viking power with the audiences. Inside my heart I will always treasure Leaves' Eyes for all the good music, tunes, themes, concept and true Viking power. The melodies I used to sing will always stay alive in my ears."

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