Singled Out: Karma To Burn's 62

West Virginia heavy rockers Karma To Burn recently released their 'Mountain Czar' EP and to celebrate we asked Evan Devine to tell us about the song "62". Here is the story:

Every song has a story. What about an instrumental song? Its hard to pinpoint one source of inspiration for any song with Karma to Burn. Every song is the end result of new and old experiences. As a result, every song has a short and long story behind it, even if there are no words in the song itself. The short story of '62' starts in Morgantown, West Virginia, our home city. It was sometime during the summer of 2015, right before we were planning to leave the country. We were rehearsing at our practice space when Will started playing the intro riff to '62', and Eric and I immediately started playing along. Every song starts with a simple riff that catches everyone's ear, then we follow it and see where it goes. I think it took us about 3 or 4 practices before we had the basic structure down. Before we could finish writing '62', we were on a plane to Europe.

For the recording of our latest EP 'Mountain Czar' we traveled to Biel, Switzerland, our home away from home when we tour Europe, and the location for the recording of our last two albums. We were touring and recording; traveling on the weekends playing shows, then returning to Biel to write in the studio during week days. Playing consecutive shows is much less tiring than starting and stopping like we were, but it was nice to have an apartment to come back to once we got out the van at the end of the weekend. The apartment was maybe the nicest we've all collectively lived in, but also the emptiest. It had just been vacated by the previous tenant, so we only brought what we needed for the next month - 3 beds, 3 chairs, a table, a stereo, a guitar, a bike, and a baseball and two baseball gloves.

We also brought over two mostly finished songs, and picked up writing 62 where we left off in Morgantown. The schedule was tight with all the traveling we were doing, but we managed to finish the writing just in time for drum tracking. 63 was written over various nights at the apartment, and fleshed out right towards the end of the writing period. The Tom Petty cover just fell right into place, especially with the timing of getting our friend Steff to compose and sing her parts. Right after the tracking was done, it was time for everyone to travel back to the US.

We had 4 months off, the longest break we've had from touring since I joined the band in 2012. During that time we caught up on sleep and life off tour. Will, on the other hand, traveled back to Switzerland a month after getting back to house sit for some friends. It was during that period that the video for '62' happened. Our good friend Robbie from Snakehill Productions planned out the entire video shoot. I think they filmed for a week at various locations around Biel. The final product is a cool representation of a time for Will, the city of Biel, and the band, even if we weren't in the video. Our Swiss friends have made us feel very at home, and without their help you might not be reading this.

Two continents, two cities, two studios, one record. That's the story for 62, and the rest of the 'Mountain Czar' EP. See you on the road.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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