Singled Out: Eric Taylor Escudero (A Top Story)

On Thursday Singled Out: Eric Taylor Escudero was a top pop story. Here is the recap: Indie Folk artist Eric Taylor Escudero tells us about the song "We Were Young And It Was Morning Part 1" from his latest album "We Were Young And It Was Morning". Here is the story:

We Were Young and It Was Morning - Part 1 is a song about being away from home, feeling out of place, and searching for a place to belong to. The lyrics in the chorus "She said 'I've never seen your face, you must be cold, you must be lost'" and in the ending "How does it feel to walk alone/to be one thousands miles from home" make the subject of the song pretty clear.

The initial inspiration for came from a trip to Southern Brazil. There are descriptions about the mountains, the weather, the people and etc. I think it's a very visual song and believe the listeners can really picture places and at the same time relate to the song wherever they are, since the feeling is pretty much universal.

I really like the arrangement for this song, the musicians that recorded with me are very creative people and helped me make the song more interesting. We recorded at The Womb in Austin, Tx, which was great experience musically and personally.

I had decided that the album was going to be called "We Were Young and It Was Morning", and had already a song with that title, which became "We Were Young and It Was Morning - Part 2". This song remained unnamed for years until I realized that it contained most of the feeling of the album and really felt like it completed the "Part 2" very well. Thus, what had previously been the song "We Were Young and It Was Morning", became "We Were Young and It Was Morning - Part 2", with this single being the "Part 1"

The promo video for this song was recorded in São Paulo and Itanhaém, Brazil.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video here and learn more about the album - right here!

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