Singled Out: Chains Over Razors' Devil's Eyes

Chains Over Razors

Chains Over Razors' Mikey V tells us about the song "Devil's Eyes" from their brand new album "Crown the Villain" which was produced by Carmine Appice. Here is the story:

Hey, what's with all the violence? Time to break down these walls. The opening lyric line for Devil's Eyes says it all. At the time of the song being written, our singer Franco V. Roc called us asking what the hell was going on in Chicago. Chicago at the time was dubbed "Chiraq" with its gun violence and despicable crimes making headline news. Sadly, it didn't just make local news, but international news. No longer are we known only as the Windy City. This led him to write about the crime, corruption, anger, terrorism, politics, and hidden media agendas taking place around the world. He felt it was the Devil's plan. Also, my brother and I thought it was ironic that we titled the song "Devil's Eyes" before our singer mentioned anything to us about his idea of the Devil's plan.

Each city or country around the world has similar issues taking place. The idea was that the song would describe a world where no one was in control, surrounded by imaginary borders, and controlled by world leaders. When you think about it, it sounds a lot like the world we live in. You begin to question everything. Are the choices we are making the right one? Is the choice we are making creating a larger issue? Or, is the problem that we gave too much power to our elected officials and we are now struggling to take it back and restore balance? We mention in the song "the kingdom is burning down and there is nothing you can do. As we lay face down as the world watches the brutal truth". What we are referring to is that no matter how hard we try to fix our society and our current state of affairs, everything keeps on getting worse. We never had control.

When performing the song, it is technically demanding. The guitar and drums require precision, focus, and relaxation to execute the patterns. During the recording process, we realized that if we do not follow these core ideas, the song could easy derail itself since it never slows down for a single moment. Our producer, rock legend, Carmine Appice, would always push us passed our comfort zone, but inspired us to always be creative and spontaneous in every aspect of being an artist.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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Singled Out: Chains Over Razors' Devil's Eyes

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