Singled Out: Gold Clubb's West Coast Gurls

Gold Clubb

Gold Clubb's Nicky Francis tells us about their new single "West Coast Gurls". Here is the story:

The title says it all. I finished school in Charleston, SC and hightailed it for Los Angeles. Like everybody with big dreams and a head full of noise, the reality was so much different. I landed in Venice Beach and me and my boy had to scrape up some money, jobs, and an apartment with the quickness. I was mainly an oil painter at the time, and due to my economic situation I would sleep and paint in the same room. I didn't have a bed for two years. I delivered pizzas, surfed, and worked towards the art exhibitions I was having.

While living in LA I had a series of 4 month affairs with some truly beautiful women. California girls have some different air about them. I had a completely different approach to them then the girls back east. Nothing to lose I guess. Some of the lines kinda nod to that. But that was just it, they never lasted longer than 4 months. It was weird, like there was some sort of cosmic governer on my LA experience, not allowing me to move in with anyone or put down any substantial roots. Maybe because they always had to sleep on the floor with me. I did have my own bathroom though, but **sigh** It's never enough ;) The line "I never made it with the west coast gurls, give me the four months the f*** out my world" came from that. There was no intention of rancor or bitterness, I loved everyone I've loved when we were together, it's more like a wink to the head-shaking paths of life that develop unbeknownst to us at the time they are actually happening.

Anyway fast-forward a few years to NYC where Ive been drinking the kool-aid and asking for seconds. I love to imagine having a huge audience and speaking to them when Im writing, even though Im not very famous. It's like I was a Vegas entertainer in a previous life or some sh*t. Nicky Francis live at the Copa. There was something in Brandau's beat for this that captured that feeling of grandeur and seedy, dirty glitz- like I should be wearing a vintage suit. "Love me like I love you let me see the sea of hands" is a fantasy of that, kind of like Im imagining the crowd eating it up. Honestly I think I freestyled most of the lines while vibing to the track and then cut it up into proper hooks with Brandau. We do that a lot. Deep in my heart I'd love to return to LA one day when Im sitting on real paper and plant the perma-flag on a house in the canyon or something. SOON FAMILY!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the group right here!


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Singled Out: Gold Clubb's West Coast Gurls

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