Singled Out: Vicious Rumors' Take It Or Leave It

Vicious Rumors

Vicious Rumors released their new album "Concussion Protocol" today (Aug 26) and to celebrate we asked Geoff Thorpe (guitar/vocals) to tell us about the song "Take It Or Leave it". Here is the story:

Geoff Thorpe here from VR! Our latest single/ video" Take it or Leave it" is part of a story that the whole album tells... It's a nightmare really about the end of the planet from a global killer asteroid and how humanity unravels at the news! As we live in the age of disaster we wanted our album lyrics, cover and concept to be as powerful as the music! The first such album we've ever done... there's a short story that goes with every song on the album. So if you only download the music you miss out on a lot of impact the cover, booklet , photos and story has to offer! The Cd comes with a 2 sided poster and Lp comes with 2 blood Red vinyl disk and a CC !!! It's a great package! Now for the song!! We thought "Take It Or Leave it " was a good choice for the single/ video for a few reasons! 1. It has all the classic trademarks of VR and projects the attitude in the band after all these years simply take it or leave it or get out of our way!!! . 2. We wanted to show our fan base that even though we're spread out between California , Slovenia and Holland we work together as a team! We all worked on songs together in a house we rented in Holland at the end of a tour in 2015 . We recorded the album together in California Oct 2015 to Feb 2016!!

The Song was on my demo without an ending! Just the rough idea... I wrote the music to the ending while we were in the studio! Nick Holleman our singer and I worked out the vocals for the ending in my van in front of the studio!! We liked the fire and energy of what happened that day and now it's out for all to see!! Tilen Hudrap our Bass player, along with Larry Howe, Thaen Rasmussen and I had a great time recording and performing the video for this song! I hope you'll check it out and have as much fun as we did!! Turn it up! Hold on tight! The VR ball is rolling full speed ahead!! Thank you!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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