Fan May Sue Over Lack Of Jared Leto Joker Scenes in Suicide Squad: 30 Seconds To Mars News

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On Monday Fan May Sue Over Lack Of Jared Leto Joker Scenes in Suicide Squad was a top story. Here is the recap: (TeamRock) A Suicide Squad fan is threatening to sue Warner Bros and DC Comics over the limited screen time given to Jared Leto's Joker. The Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman previously admitted there are enough deleted Joker scenes to make a full movie - but Reddit user BlackPanther2016 is legal action against the studio, insisting that teasing Joker scenes in trailers which weren't included in the final film amounts to "unjust false advertising."

The movie goer says the cinema denied a request for a refund after claiming they drove 300 miles from Scotland to London and spent 160 on fuel to watch "specific scenes explicitly advertised in TV ads" which never featured. BlackPanther2016 willl file the lawsuit tomorrow (August 11) with help from a "lawyer" brother.

The fan says: "Suicide Squad trailers showcased several specific Joker scenes that I had to pay for the whole movie just so that I can go watch those specific scenes that Warner Bros/DC Comics had advertised in their trailers.

"These scenes are: when Joker banged his head on his car window, when Joker says 'Let me show you my toys', when Joker punches the roof of his car, when Joker drops a bomb with his face all messed up and says, 'Bye bye!' None of these scenes were in the movie.

"I wasted a lot of money paying and travelling to go watch this movie because of these specific scenes they had advertised to me and all of us saying. If you advertise something, give me what you have advertised. Period." Read more - here.


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