Singled Out: Dead Leaf Echo

Dead Leaf Echo

Today Brooklyn buzz band Dead Leaf Echo tell us about their new song "I will do (anything)" which comes from their recently released split cassette. Here is the story:

"I clearly remember where half of "I will do (anything)" originated from. My friend Geoff Diesel (Slowness) was in town visiting from San Francisco and was toying around with the idea living in New York. He had been moving around from the East Village but had just gotten a place down the street from where we lived in Williamsburg. It was a really cool spot…very bohemian right near the firehall and it had this huge lofted master bedroom.

We ransacked the place partying one afternoon and I remember his creme Telecaster just laying on the bed….we had just been on about the early REM stuff and such…and when I picked up the guitar the rift and melody to the verse and chorus came together right then and there on the 1st take.

It must be one of those "magic" instruments as I know he writes a bunch of material on it as well. The half-time sections were worked out later in rehearsal but I'll never forget staring up at the high ceilings with us dancing around the room when that came together.

As this became the 1st song that we recorded for our upcoming 2nd LP at the time after we recorded it, it quickly was put away to the side in favor of older recordings for our live show and an inability to translate it live. Now that the song has finally been released 2 years later, we began to pick up again (live) and to our surprise found it in quite better shape than we left it last go around, so it found room on our setlist once again."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!


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