Nikki Sixx Explains Why He Left Social Media

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Former Motley and current Sixx: A.M. star Nikki Sixx explained in a recent episode of his syndicated radio show Sixx Sense his reasons for deleting his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The veteran bass player announced that he was celebrating his 58th birthday by leaving the social media sites to focus on other endeavors including writing music, lyrics, books and photography.

He explained the move during the December 13th episode of the radio show. He said (via Blabbermouth), "First I deleted the app off my phone and then I went and deleted the accounts. And I did it on my birthday. It's, like, 'Happy birthday to me.'"

He then explained the thought process that motivated him: "The reason is I wanna get back to what's real in my life, like playing guitar more and focusing on photography. And I'm thinking about going through some of my work and maybe doing a couple of gallery showings next year. Focusing on lyrics and short stories and being a better father, hanging out with my dogs, my friends. And I just felt, personally, that I was spending too much time on my phone."

Sixx then added, "In the morning, I would read Twitter and Facebook comments when I should be reading the news or maybe looking up something I wanna do for the day or taking a bass lesson online. That's like one my favorite things to do in the morning before life gets really busy is learn something and then apply it throughout the day. So if I learn a really interesting scale, and then a little later in the day, I pick up the bass and I do it, it might inspire a word, a lyric - it might inspire something that maybe a year from then ends up being a song. So that's why I did it." Read more and listen to the full segment here.


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