Singled Out: Blue Healer's Luminescent Eyes

Blue Healer have made history at antiMusic by providing us with a Singled Out! like we have never seen before for their brand new track "Luminescent Eyes". Here is the story:

Luminescent Eyes - To be told in the style of Mad Libs

1. Plural Noun __________________
2. Adjective __________________
3. Adjective __________________
4. Plural Noun __________________
5. Adjective __________________
6. Adjective __________________
7. Plural Noun __________________
8. Adjective __________________
9. Name __________________
10. Name __________________
11. Adjective __________________
12. Adjective __________________
13. Adjective _________________
14. Place _____________________
15. Adjective __________________

Some bands find inspiration in art, or nature, or political ____________ (plural noun), or the work of other ____________ (adjective) musicians - we took a trip to the zoo.

It was a warm, spring day. We got up early, bleary-eyed and coffee deprived, hoping to catch the ____________ (adjective) monkeys awake, the ____________ (plural noun) singing, maybe a crocodile or two mid-yawn, and the big cats grumbling for a ____________ (adjective) breakfast.

Grown men have little cause for being at the zoo on a Monday morning, unless they're the legal guardian of a ____________ (adjective) child or two, but the three of us scampered between ____________ (plural noun) and ____________ (adjective) baboons, hollered at the howler monkeys, shoveled down bags of popcorn, and waited in line to ride the zoo train - all with the reckless abandon of the most seasoned six-year-old zoo enthusiasts.

Luminescent Eyes is a love song really, and maybe the two hippos, ____________(name) and ____________(name), had a certain ____________(adjective) glint in their eyes that inspired us to attempt capturing that love in song form. After lunch, we rode the ____________(adjective) waves of the carousel as many times as we could, reminded over and over again that life is really just a big circle (hakuna matata baby!).

At the end of the day, ____________(adjective) and a little sunburned, we drove back to ____________ (place), quietly absorbed in our own thoughts, seeing all the different faces look out from behind chain-link exhibits and glass enclosures: seeing the ____________ (adjective) eyes that look a little bit like yours and mine, eyes that are looking for a little bit of love.

Sometimes inspiration comes from unfamiliar places; sometimes it hits you fifteen steps between the reptile house and the butterfly exhibit.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the group and their forthcoming album right here!

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