Singled Out: Magnum's Crazy Old Mothers

UK heavy rock icons Magnum released their new studio album "Sacred Blood 'Divine' Lies" today and to celebrate we asked band mastermind Tony Clarkin to tell us about the song "Crazy Old Mothers." Here is the story:

Well we have a new album out called Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies. Although we don't actually have a single being released as of yet of this album all I can talk about is the track we recorded a video for and used through social media and pr mail outs. So it's not officially a single for chart placements etc but more of a media tool. The track is called Crazy Old Mothers.

I was in a band when i was 16 or 17 and we played for a couple of years before disbanding. We always kept in touch over all these years. We try to meet up every Christmas and just catch up about what's happening in each others lives and talk of old times and just have a bit of a laugh usually at each other and how old we have got. lol

Someone mentioned to me that I was still making music and have been for most of my adult life. It suddenly felt like this person was regretting their life and not following their dreams as a youngster. This to me is very sad. I have been very lucky to be able to do what I do and make some sort of living from it. I am even more lucky I am still able to do what I love. I started thinking he has let his life go by, not doing what he really wanted to do. He had dismissed his talents and felt dissatisfied with his life. I just wanted to say "come on, lets go and get wrecked!"

We all have opportunity in life and it's up to ourselves to take them. You have to make the best of what you got and strive for better each and every time. I don't want to be someone who looks back and thinks "what if I had only tried" I would much rather try and fail than be a part of the what if crowd.

So that what the song is about really. If you try and fail then that's ok but you can always go out and be crazy and get into some trouble tonight!

Crazy Old Mothers lyrics

You walk in the shadows
You gave in too soon
An endless procession that follows the moon
You wake up each morning
The same every day
Your life feels so empty don't throw it away

You may work you may be rich
Like a king just passing by
All these things won't make you better
And bad news still makes you cry

Come on you crazy old mothers
Let's get in trouble
Come on you crazy old mothers
Let's get in trouble tonight
How does it feel?
You remember
It's in your flesh and blood
How does it feel?
You remember
Just like you knew it would

It means nothing to ya
You say it's alright
But you realise when your knuckles turn white
There's so many pathways
Keep pulling you in
Don't know where you're going
Don't know where you've been

Write a note or make a call
And explain just how you feel
Put it all down in a letter
What you say this is for real

Yeah sometimes it's hard to resist
And maybe the way that you choose to go
Yeah knowing the things you dismissed
And even the way that you say hello

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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