The Breakout Tour Singled Out Week: Blessing Of This Curse


We are celebrating the kick off of The Breakout Tour this Friday (7/8) featuring metal up and comers The Machinist, Gladiators and The Blessing Of This Curse. Today, Joey Galletta Jr. of The Blessing Of This Curse tell us about their track Quicksand from their "Emergence" EP. Here is the story:

"Quicksand" was one of the many songs on our new EP that started off as something very different and was ripped apart a million times before we finally got something we liked. The only part of the song that really stayed the same throughout all of its revisions was the chorus.

Originally, the song had kind of a weird, almost Avenged Sevenfold-vibe to it. The only part of the song that really stood out to us though was the chorus. While we were still working on the music, Jake came to us with some lyrics that he had written and thought they'd be a good fit for this song. Eventually, Jake came up with a really catchy melody to go with these lyrics. I helped restructure a few parts of it and what we had was the chorus to "Quicksand."

Once we had what we thought was one of the best choruses we've written, we decided to scrap the rest of the song and build a whole new track around it. The opening piano / guitar melody came from a very old track that I wrote that I never ended up using for anything. After that, the riffs and structure of the song just kind of fell into place.

What I love about the song is that it showcases just about everything we are capable of as a band. Not to mention it's the first time Branton got to use actual piano sounds on a song instead of the typical synthesizers that he normally uses. It was definitely one of those songs that we knew we were onto something cool when we got the first few mixes back. It has become a fan favorite and has been going over amazing live.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the EP, and grab the tour dates right here!

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The Breakout Tour Singled Out Week: Blessing Of This Curse

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