The Breakout Tour Singled Out Week: The Machinist


We are celebrating the kick off of The Breakout Tour this Friday (7/8) featuring metal up and comers The Machinist, Gladiators and The Blessing Of This Curse. Today, Josh Gomez from The Machinist tells us about their track "Wake Up" from their self-titled EP. Here is the story:

"Wake Up" was written at a pretty tough time for me. My home life was at its lowest point and the only way to really vent my frustrations, was through music. The band, at the time, was at a standstill. Constant line-up changes and problems arising just made being in the band even more difficult than it was.

Me being a huge guitar nerd, I love melodies and intricate playing of all sorts. So when it came to writing "Wake Up", it was quite difficult to find the right melody to set the song off. After about 4-5 hours of noodling on the guitar, I came across what would be the chorus of the song. The "IT" riff. And right then and there, every problem that I had in life seemed to have vanished and that's when the song started to take shape. I spent the next few days constructing the song, figuring out arrangements and what not but I felt uncertain about the song. I wasn't sure stylistically if this was a song that really represented the band and myself as a player. I was hesitant at first to show the rest of my band, but it had hit me.

There's no boundaries in metal; or music for that matter for what you can do or sound like. And at that point I was content with the musical direction I was heading. I knew right there at that moment; this is the rebirth of this band.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the EP, and grab the tour dates right here!

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The Breakout Tour Singled Out Week: The Machinist

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