Singled Out: Jake Clayton

Jake Clayton

Multi-instrumentalist Jake Clayton tells us about his new single "By The Light of the Moon" which is the title song from his latest album and he also tells us about the song "Unwound". Here are the stories:

"By The Light of the Moon": Hey everyone! I'm gonna give ya a lil backstory on my song, "By the Light of the Moon". I've heard songs my whole life about partying in the sunshine hours, but rarely about the opposite. When you're from the country, parties happen at night on dirt roads, open fields, or most anywhere there is mud. So, for this song, I just set out to write a soundtrack to that night-time, outdoor party in the country. Let's be real, that's when the fun stuff happens! The drums on this song were played by Troy Luccketta from the rock band 'Tesla'. Chris Havron played bass and Rob Daniels added some guitar work. I played all of the other Instruments, and performed all of the vocals on this song.

"Unwound": The other track I'd like to talk about is called "Unwound". I grew up on Country Music, but my guitar player and producer, Rob Daniels grew up listening to and playing a lot of rock and metal. After years of working together, the 'rock' sound has been growing on me. So on this song, I went for an aggressive rock sound with heavy guitars and heavy drums, but then mixed it with some of the country "twangy" instruments that I love. Usually when people put a Fiddle, Mandolin, or Banjo on a rock song, you can barely hear them, but we put those instruments front and center and in your face! Plus, this also gave me an outlet to sing about some of the more unpleasant things I've experienced… and what better format of music to do that in? Funniest thing about this song is, most people would think Rob came up with the main riff, but it was me! I was having a bad day. My current touring drummer, Chris Broome played the drums on this one, Rob layered in more aggressive guitars and added some vocals, and I played everything else on this track. It has become one of my favorites on the album!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Jake Clayton

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