Singled Out: Tuft's Stills

Casey Trela from Tuft tells us about their song "Stills," which is the first taste of music they have released from their forthcoming debut album "Look Look" (out on April 8th). Here is the story:

I grew up collecting stuff- none of which had much value outside of stories I infused into it. They were mine in a specific place and time, and carried the weight of whoever I was at that moment. When I drove out to Los Angeles, I left a lot of stuff behind, and felt the wonder of having all of my belongings in one place. It was freeing to know what I had, and what I needed, and to feel like I had a grasp on the difference between the two.

When I moved out to LA, I shared a house with 7 of my best friends for four years. Around the time TUFT started working on this album, my housemates and I each moved out to live in separate one-bedroom apartments and become adults. I went through the gathering-things-up-and-throwing-things-away process again. Before we left, we all carved our names into a secret spot in the house. I have done that every place I've lived. It eases my moving anxiety to know I have left my mark in a place.

I currently have 2,133 photos on my phone. I haven't asked anyone else, but I imagine it's a similar number for most people. I used to keep all my pictures in a little album that could physically only hold 32 pictures at a time. What am I going to do with these thousands of pictures? They mark a place in time where I was somewhere pretty, or with someone I loved, but I can't go back to that place in that moment ever again. I'm moving more completely into the carving mindset: make a mark, take comfort knowing that it's there, but never look at it again.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Tuft's Stills

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