Singled Out: Roses & Revolutions' I Won't Break

Indie pop duo Roses & Revolutions tell us about their new single "I Won't Break" which features drums by Elliot Jacobson, known for his work with Elle King and Ingrid Michaelson. Here is the story:

Both of us are huge movie fans. We inhale anything we can get our hands on and binge watch nearly every TV show. Not only do we enjoy it on an entertainment level, but it has become a great source of inspiration for us as songwriters. A good movie allows you to escape reality, and for a short period of time, live somebody else's life. This is how our new single, "I Won't Break" came about.

We were watching the movie, "True Romance" and got really caught up in it. There are several scenes that are very uncomfortable to watch. One is when a group of mobsters interrogate Dennis Hopper, trying to get him to give up the whereabouts of his son. There's another similar scene where James Gandolfini tries to get Patricia Arquette to break and turn in her husband. Both scenes are very intense and left us asking ourselves that haunting question... "What would I do in that situation?" Would you stay strong and protect the one you love? Or would you buckle under pressure and give them up to save yourself?

We took that dark and depressing concept and put it over a very playful and hard hitting pop beat (courtesy of Elle King/Ingrid Michaelson drummer, Elliot Jacobson). We're really into songs that have the lyrics and the production contradicting one another. Everyone always expects the sad songs to be the ballads and the happy ones to be the uptempo anthems. For this song, it felt right to produce it in a way that flipped that all around.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the group right here!

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Singled Out: Roses & Revolutions' I Won't Break

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