Singled Out: Faulkner's These Kids Nowadays

Faulkner are releasing their debut EP Revanchist later this month and to celebrate we asked Dimitri Farougias to tell us the story behind the song "These Kids Nowadays". Here is the story:

"These Kids Nowadays" is the first song we worked on together and recorded. Sort of like our "first born" it signaled the beginning of a very big family. We knew right then we had something special we had to hold on to and keep working on. It has one of the most recognizable melodies out of all of our songs, a great synth hook and lyrically it hits you hard right out the gate with "Someone's naked no one is listening".

I remember spending hours and hours at the old Swinghouse studios on Formosa going through material Lucas would demo for us and as soon as These Kids Nowadays came up I remember the whole band going oh yeah we can get down with this. Everyone started working on individual parts and little by little we put it together. We decided to have Lucas sing the verses, Eric the pre chorus and have both of them sing the choruses which started this beautiful "co-fronting" situation you rarely see with kids in rock bands these days. Pun intended. The great thing was that we discovered how well their voices blend together and kept that theme going through out the album. Pre-production ended with J.P Bowersock coming in the room and giving us performance notes for the studio. I remember one of the tips he gave with regards to the rhythm section was to switch the kick drum and my bass pattern in the last chorus from an eighth note pattern to sixteen. It was really subtle but elevated the overall punch and feeling of the song when it needed it the most. He also gave tips to Lucas and Eric on vocal delivery with regards to contrast from verse to pre-chorus.

We went to the Village Recording Studios in West L.A shortly after and it was really a matter of picking the best take out of a pool of very solid performances which J. P has down to a science. The band's ears can get really jaded after a while which is why a great producer like J.P is so important. We tracked all the rhythms section instrumentation live and then Eric went to town with his synth lines. Honestly it felt effortless. We had a great time and I said to myself if this is an indication of how this album will go down then we're all in for a great time. It was also the beginning of our relationship with Ghian Wright as our main head engineer. We couldn't be happier with the man. Although his base is at the Village we took him with us for most of the album as we roamed around different studios in L.A.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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